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Jula's Herb DD Watermelon Sunscreen/Longan Melasma Serum 8ml
Price RM6.00 RM12.00
Brand Jula's Herb
Size (L x W x H) 7 cm x 7 cm x 1 cm

Jula's Herb DD Watermelon Sunscreen/Longan Melasma Serum 8ml
1 pack of 8ml Jula's Herb DD Watermelon Sunscreen Longon Melasma Serum

Condition : New
Net Weight : 8ml

Longan Melasma Serum
New innovative Longan serum takes care of blemish and freckles effectively with rich of Longan seed extract. Longan extract has Prolongan 2 which special property of powerful anti-oxidant. Leave your skin lively and bright, adjust skin tone and wrinkle constantly. Reveals smooth silky touchable skin with the ingredients that focus on retaining skin hydration.

How to use : Apply Longan melasma serum on the face twice daily (day and night).

DD Cream Watermelon
The rich DD Cream contains Watermelon Extract and Glutathione, with a light texture that transforms into mineral water when applied on skin. It helps to protect skin from UVA and UVB with SPF50, while instantly brightens and moisturizes skin without causing excessive oil. Water-base texture, easy to apply without leaving stain, suitable for all skin types, does not clog pores and cause acne.

How to use :
- Apply a thin layer of DD Cream Watermelon on face to cover skin imperfections and protect skin from UV rays.
- Apply 15 minutes before exposing sunlight for perfect protection.