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PrewPraw Tamarind Avocado Scrub 400g
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Brand PrewPraw
Size (L x W x H) 10 cm x 10 cm x 7 cm
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PrewPraw Tamarind Avocado Scrub 400g
1 piece of 400g PrewPrawTamarind Avocado Scrub

Attractive, white just scrubTamarind Avocado scrub

Clean skin
Suitable for all skin types
Can be used for face and body
️Suitable for stretch marks
️Whitens Skin

What is the 3 in1 whitening scrub?
1. Yellow color scrub with fine grain and tamarind / turmeric / Thanaka / herbal fruit color and smell of herbs.
2. Scrub the milk smoothly. A mixture of rice germ / avocado milk.
3. Pour the water and soap bubbles in the ingredients to cleanse the skin. Apply / Scrub / Cleaner

- Helps to remove old skin cells.
- To exfoliate the skin more smoothly.
- Scrub Tamarind Scrub Avocado and fruit, combine tomatoes, strawberry, green apples.
- Blended with herbs that is Tanaka, turmeric, which is.
- Mechanism to help skin white with aura.
- Wrinkles, wrinkles, dry skin, cracked skin to fade, rash, allergic, chemical.
- Disappear faster.