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Thai Green Tea@Teh Hijau Number One Brand 200g - 1 Ctn/12Pack
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Brand Chatramue Brand
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Thai Green Tea@Teh Hijau Number One Brand 200g - 1 Ctn/12Pack
1 carton of 12 packs Thai Green Tea No.1 Brand

Number One Brands Milk Green Tea is exclusively grown & harvest from the cool mountainous regions in Thailand home to the greatest tea plantations in the world.
Traditionally picked by skilled hands and blended by tea masters, the tea releases an elegant aroma along with a sweet taste and pleasant.

1. How to prepare green tea

- 2 large thai green tea blades
- 6 large blades of concentrated milk
- 4 large blades of liquid milk
- 500ml hot water
- AIS.

If you are the best:
- Green tea powder
- Whipped Cream.
- Extra liquid milk

1. Put in green tea and leave for 5 minutes
2. Tapis tea water and blend with concentrated milk and liquid milk
3. Serve in Jag / glass contains ice
4. Add more milk for more taste
5. You can also add Whipped Cream and Sprinkle Green Tea Powder!

2. How to prepare green tea

1. Seast of Big Thailand Green Tea Powder
2. Two large blades of sugar
3. Three large blades of sweet thick milk
4. Two hundred fifty milliliters of water
5. Rinse tea powder using hot water for three minutes. (Don't soak old
too long, later bitter)
6. Add sugar and milk. (if you cool, add ais)
7. Late if the kid is delicious, add liquid milk to defeat the water that is available with sweet fat.