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Fitne Herbal Infusion Tea 40G - 20 Sachet
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Fitne Herbal Infusion Tea 40G - 20 Sachet
1 pack of 40g 20 sachet Fitne Herbal Infusion Tea

Fitne Herbal Infusion Tea is for purifying your body by getting rid of accumulated food, keeping fit and healthy figure. FITNÉ Herbal Tea is packed in a 100% natural Double Chamber tea bag., which is the most advance technology of tea bag, ensuring the maximum dispersion of herbal active ingredients.

Chrysanthemum Flavor, the aromatherapy of scent and taste by offering mild and smooth feeling. You will see the effects after consistent consumption within a week. The extent of the effects will vary individually because everyone has different metabolism rate in the body. Therefore, the amount of weight reduction per one month cannot be estimated.(The average weight loss is 2 kgs per month.)

- Loosen the bowels by providing constipation relief and promoting regularity of motions.
- Prevent accumulation of fat and enhance slender body.
- Non side effect or unwanted stomach stimulation.
- Antioxidant
- Laxative indication
- Slimming
- Weight loss
- Detox

How to use:
- Put the Tea bowel in a cup and fill the cup with Boiled water.
- Leave the Tea Bowel in the cup for 20 minutes.
- In this time the Herbs are perfectly open up and mix with the Boiled water for the best working result