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Jomyut Ginger Tea Powder 200g - 100% Authentic Thai Herbs
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Jomyut Ginger Tea Powder 200g - 100% Authentic Thai Herbs
1 pack of 200g Jomyut Ginger Tea Powder

Ginger Juice Powder Belly bomb

Using ancient production method, fire-roasted pan, gives ginger a natural spicy flavor and aroma. no synthetic powder

The taste is different from general ginger. A lot of people have try it and love it. So many people recommended it for thier families and friends.

No harm at all because it does not contain any chemical ingredients. Contains all natural ingredients, 100% safe.

- Use a lot of organic with no chemicals.
- Can be stored for up totwo years, taste, smell, color does not change, no preservatives added.
- Suitable drinks for all ages The more you drink the better.
- Mix with plain water, add lemon + ice, it tastes delicious, cure thirst, sooth the throat and detoxify the body.
- Nourish and increase mother's milk after giving birth.

-- Help to expel the "wind" in the stomach and intestines.
-- Stimulates the body's metabolism.
-- Helps to maintain normal digestive system
-- Best herbs for weight loss.

How to drink:
- Brew with hot water, best to drink during 6-8 o'clock in the morning as it helps to increase metabolism very well, thus very good drive system.
- Drink before going to bed to have better sleep.
- Pre-workout drink to doubles your metabolism.
- Put it in your coffee The taste is delicious, reduces belly, helps to excrete easily.

Anyone who is looking for a all natural drink . We have the best ginger tea
easy to drink
drink every day To avoid the risk of insomnia, obesity, flatulence, indigestion, poor digestive system, migraine headaches, pregnant mothers want a lot of milk.

️ Jom Yut Ginger Juice ️ is another option certified like no other

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