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Wonder Tea Yu Qing Small Leaf Kuding Tea
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Wonder Tea Yu Qing Small Leaf Kuding Tea
1 pack of Wonder Tea Yu Qing Small Leaf Kuding Tea

Pure Yuqing Xiaoye Kuding Tea is a precious best kept secret blend.

The difference between fermented small-leaf kuding tea and ordinary broad-leaf kuding tea does not contain caffeine and theophylline.

After 2 years of fermentation, it has less bitter taste, sweeter aftertaste, and more refreshing.

The crushed leaves release flavor and deliciousness faster and more uniformly.

The following is the Yuqing Xiaoye Kuding Tea healing miracle. 
~ Control blood pressure
~ Control obesity
~ Control blood sugar
~ Control lipid and other bad cholesterol
~ Resolve complications of diabetes
~ Promote skin health
~ Control pain
~ Enhance immunity
~ Detox and clean liver
~ Promote blood circulation
~ Improve digestion
~ Reduce inflammation and relieve pain
~ Treat colds, rhinitis, throat and headaches
~ Disperse wind heat
~ Resolve phlegm and dampness
~ Prevent deterioration of heart and brain function
~ Prevent thrombosis
~ Helps eliminate chronic headaches and fatigue.

Freely packed into small bags (approximately 90 bags, 200 grams), which is hygienic and convenient. It can even be used for external use, such as washing hair and face.

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