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Xiang Yi Fuzhuan Tea 300g
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Xiang Yi Fuzhuan Tea 300g
1 pack of 300g Xiang Yi Fuzhuan Tea

Fuzhuan tea is a black tea, also known as the ancestor of fermented tea. According to historical records, the first Fuzhuan tea was born in Jingyang County, Xianyang, Shaanxi. Mr. Shi Zhaopeng, the master of Hunan Fuzhu tea, was the source of the inscription Fucha in Xianyang Fuzhuan Tea, Shaanxi. The earliest raw materials for making Fuzhuan tea came from Shaanxi and Sichuan. Due to the rapid increase in consumption demand in the later period, the raw materials of Shaanxi and Sichuan could not meet the processing needs, so Hunan Heimao tea was introduced as the raw material for Fuzhuan tea.

Dry tea
Dry tea (2 sheets)
Fuzhuan tea is divided into special Fuzhuan (referred to as Special Fuzhu) and ordinary Fuzhuan (referred to as Pufu), regardless of grade. Appearance: The brick surface is flat, the edges and corners are distinct, the thickness is uniform, and the flowers are generally luxuriant; the brick surface of the special fu brick is dark brown, and the brick surface of the general fu brick is yellow brown. Endoplasm: Pure aroma, orange-yellow soup. Special Fu has a mellow taste; Pu Fu has a pure taste and no astringency. When making Fuzhuan tea, it is required that the soup is not turbid, the fragrance is not coarse, the taste is thick and not astringent, the mouth is strong, and it is resistant to brewing. In particular, it is required that the saccharomycetes (commonly known as golden flower) in the bricks are generally luxuriant, and the dry smell has a delicate fragrance of flowers. The ethnic minorities in Xinjiang love Fuzhuan tea the most. They regard the golden flower as the only indicator to check the quality of Fuzhuan tea.

Modern scientific research and authoritative experts through animal experiments, human clinical experiments, toxicological research, safety evaluation, and epidemiological investigations show that: the various extracts of Fuzhuan tea golden flower have an activating effect on PPARγ and PPARδ. There are two new active substances, Pochain A and Pochain B, which can significantly reduce human body fat compounds, blood lipids, blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and other effects.

Long-term drinking of Fucha can promote the regulation of metabolism, strengthen the body's physique, delay aging, and play an effective pharmacological health care and pathological preventive effect on the human body. 

The special effects of Fucha have been widely recognized by experts in tea science, medicine, microbiology and other fields. 

It is better to have no food for three days than to have no tea for one day, for one day for sluggishness, for two days for pain, and for three days to be sick. The drinking practice for thousands of years has fully proved this point.