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The Queen Carrot Gluta Soap 100g
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Brand The Queen
Size (L x W x H) 9 cm x 6 cm x 3 cm
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The Queen Carrot Gluta Soap 100g
1 bar of The Queen Carrot Gluta Soap

Enriched with concentrated carrot extract, vitamin C, glycolic acid.
Helps to remove old skin cells, dark skin Remove impurities, revealing clear, white skin. soft and moist.
Including reducing bacteria.
With glutathione and vitamin E, nourishing the skin to be white and bright all over the body.
Helps fight free radicals to reduce skin aging Reduce aging skin problems Make the skin radiant and radiant naturally.

- Exfoliate old, dull skin cells.
- Contains a mixture of glutathione Help reveal white and clear skin.
- Reduce bacteria, help get rid of acne
- Antioxidants reduce skin aging.
- Smells good, nourishes the skin, softens and moisturizes.

How to use: Clean both morning and evening. Can bleach both face and body

Registration number 16-1-6300033177

100 grams (large cubes can be used for a long time)