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Yai Sopa Scrub White 50g
Price RM4.68 RM9.36
Product SKU BC-1016-YAI
Brand Yai Sopa
Size (L x W x H) 15 cm x 8 cm x 1 cm

Yai Sopa Scrub White 50g
1 piece of 50 g Yai Sopa Scrub White

Helps remove dead skin cells, whitens your skin with a mixture of aloe vera honey and many other herbs, skin looks soft and young reduces wrinkles, scars, rashes, sensitive skin problems and avoids dry skin

How to use it:
- Wash your face with water, use a face scrub and the surface is clean, 
- The herbs gradually become soap, Then rinse with clean water.
- Consume 2x a week for becomes beautiful bright fluffy and smooth skin .